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Emu Oil 1oz

Emu Oil 1oz

$ 12.00

  • A natural alternative to aftercare for piercing and tattoos
  • Refined using a non-chemical process to get out all the impurities
  • Does not clog the pores, therefore allowing the skin to breath during the healing process
  • Penetrates through all layers of the skin and is rich in nutrients (essential fatty acids) that feed the skin to aid in new cell development that can help hasten the healing process
  • A natural emollient keeping the skin moist and pliable

For Piercing

Apply emu oil 2-3 times daily after the piercing has been cleaned. Gently massage a single drop of emu oil around the opening of the piercing (entrance and exit) with clean finger. Desert Palms Emu Ranch emu oil is safe to use on tongue piercings, labrets and genital piercings.

For Stretching

Apply emu oil daily as needed on clean surface with clean hands. Emu oil will keep area moist and pliable. Helps prevent tears and blow-outs on ear stretching. Put a drop of emu oil on larger gauge jewelry before insertion to ease discomfort and increase slide.

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